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Open 7 Days a week | Reservations and Information: CLICK HERE

Welcome to Greek Mediterranean Restaurant

Athene Palace

Athene Palace is well known in The Hague and wide area, we already exist since 1985. You can enjoy a delicious dinner as ultimate relaxation with us. Kostas and Sotirios together with their wives wish you a warm welcome and will offer you, the taste of Mediterranean food.

The possibilities are endless with us. So you can enjoy delicious food with us, but you can also celebrate your company events, weddings, anniversaries, receptions, etc. We would like with this website to give you an impression of our opportunities. So enjoy watching our Athens Palace restaurant website.

Dinner is every day from 16.30. Lunch is possible by appointment from 10 persons.

Our Christmas menu is online (see below).Call us for information is appreciated
Pay attention! Reservation for first and second Christmas day is desirable!
Pay attention! Athene Palace is open with live music during Christmas day at 25 and 26 December 2018
1st session is from 16.45 pm to 19.30 pm and 2nd session is from 19.45 pm to ...
Christmas menu is now online! Please make a reservation by phone! click here

  • About Athene Palace

    Athene Palace Introduction

    In the center of The Hague, a stone's throw from the Central Station, you will find the Greek Mediterranean Restaurant Athens Palace.

    Besides Greek dishes we serve dishes from the entire Mediterranean area. You will join a particularly atmospheric ...

  • Our Menu

    Food & Menu

    View our menu at your convenience Here you'll find something for everyone. Vegetarian dishes belongs to the various possibilities.

    The choices are with us very diverse, but also for the smaller eater there is plenty of choice. There is also ...

  • Special Days


    Some days of the year have a yearly special meaning or commemorate. That is why they are located under the heading of special days.

    For example, the special days: New Year, Valentine, Easter and Mother Christmas, here at Athens Palace ...