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Special Days

At Athene Palace we won't forget the hollidays. Besides the official holidays like Easter and Christmas,etc there are many other special holidays and anniversaries. A few important ones are listed in the table below. Athene palace have attention for these days. During these special days is Athens Palace course opened.


New Years Day

As usual is Athene Palace Restaurant opened on New Year's Day. We serve the first day of the year an excellent menu. Start the new year good! Come and visit us to enjoy a dinner. Also the new year's greeting we won't forget.

During New Years Day is it traditionally busy in our restaurant. Reservation on time is desirable! You can click here to make a reservation by phone

Andrea Lattutughi - DSO

Valentine's Day

In love? Engaged? Married? On valentine`s day may you (culinair) pamper eachother or yourself. This you can do the best at Athene Palace.

Also this year do we make at Restaurant Athene Palace a special evening. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for you to spoil your love and take her/him out for a nice and romantic. We understand that! Specially for this evening you can select from our delicious dishes. Upon entry you will be welcomed with a special valentine drink.

Andrea Lattutughi - DSO


Sometimes you want something different than organizing a brunch for Easter. With Easter is food, and a festively decorated table become increasingly important. The morning for yourself, and then end cozy afternoon with family or friends around the table at Athens palace. Choose then a delicious Easter dinner.

Cause you know...during easter there will be much and delicious food!

Andrea Lattutughi - DSO

Mothers day

The venerate of mother's day is a much older tradition than the modern Mother's Day and goes back to the mother in the cult classic and tasteful Greece. mothers day is celebrated in honor of motherhood. The modern mothers day is celebrated with us in May.

Families celebrate mothers day, the day is now dedicated to pamper mom. She often gets breakfast and gifts in bed. The cutest and most delicious gift is of course to go out for dinner with mom at Athene Palace.

Rowena Spiteri - ESM


Once inside the restaurant you will receive a warm welcome from the host. Athene Palace restaurant and the employees create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the evening lingers. On first, and second Christmas day you can enjoying a special Christmas dinner with the conviviality of home, and the class of a top restaurant.
Let us convince you, and get a seat in the restaurant. Phone reservations recommended!

The christmas menu from Athene Palace is now online: Click hier